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Data Science

Embark on a transformative journey with CTTI's ISO 9001:2015 certified Data Science course in Mangalore, Karnataka, featuring expert-led immersive training, placement assistance, personalized resume building and interview preparation, self-assessment tools, a cutting-edge curriculum reflecting the latest industry trends, hands-on projects, an industry-recognized certification, and a clear pathway to career advancement in the dynamic and high-demand realm of data-driven decision-making and analytics.

The benefits of learning a Data Science course include acquiring in-depth knowledge and practical skills in statistical analysis, machine learning, and data manipulation, which not only enhance career opportunities but also enable informed decision-making through extracting valuable insights from complex data sets.

Course Content Duration: 30 Days

  Data Science Overview.
  Data gathering.
  Feature Engineering.
  Feature Selection.
  Create Model.
  Statistics and Probability.
  Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy).
  Scientific computing with Python (Scipy).
  Data Manipulation with Pandas.
  Data Visualization in Python using matplotlib.
  Machine Learning with Scikit–Learn.
  Linear Regression.
  Logistics Regression.
  K-Nearest Neighbours (kNN).
  Naive Bayes.
  Random Forest.
  Hyperparameter Tuning.
  Feature Generation and Feature Selection (Extracting Meaning from Data).
  Decision Trees; Random Forests.
  Dimensionality Reduction, Singular Value Decomposition, Principal Component Analysis.
  Data Wrangling - Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup.

Capstone Project

Learning data science opens the door to many different jobs. For example, as a data scientist, you analyze complicated data to help businesses make smart decisions. Data analysts find trends and share them in reports to guide strategies. Machine learning engineers create models to improve processes and predict outcomes, while business intelligence analysts turn raw data into useful insights for success.

Data engineers build and maintain data systems, ensuring information is stored and retrieved efficiently. Quantitative analysts use math and statistics to analyze financial data for investment decisions. Statisticians interpret data for research or business use, and data architects design data systems. Predictive modelers make forecasts based on historical data, and AI/Machine Learning Research Scientists advance artificial intelligence through cutting-edge research. The varied skills in data science mean there are lots of opportunities to explore and succeed in different roles, meeting the growing demand for expertise in this exciting and fast-changing field.

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