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Web development training with guaranteed job placement Mangalore

Join our Web Development Course at our prestigious computer training facility in Mangalore, Karnataka, to start a life-changing adventure. Learn the Latest Technologies of ASP.NET, Ajax, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and more under the guidance of our knowledgeable instructors.

Our goal as an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute is to offer a comprehensive educational experience. What distinguishes us?
In addition to teaching technical skills, we provide placement help, guidance for customizing resume development, and comprehensive interview preparation. Not only will we teach you how to code, but we also want to prepare you for a lucrative future in web development.

Come explore with us an engaging classroom, and practical projects. Our training is designed to match your needs, whether you're a novice or trying to improve your skills. Enroll today to give yourself the skills and self assurance you need to succeed in the ever changing web development industry


The internet is now widely used by people for a number of purposes like for online shopping, to get information, to book tickets, to reserve hotel rooms and many more applications. A web site design can be made simple and static with simple HTML format as well as made more lively using moving images or animation with the help of flash. What type of web site design is to be used depends on the purpose of your website.

Web Development

  Java Script
  Website Project

Web Programming using ASP .net & SQL Server

  ASP .net with C# / VB.Net
  SQL Server

MySQL Database

  Creating Database Tables
  Understanding Basic SQL Syntax
  Querying Data with the SELECT Statement
  Filtering Results with the Where Clause
  Shaping Results with ORDER BY and GROUP BY
  Matching Different Data Tables with JOINs

HTML 5, CSS 3 with Bootstrap, Javascript ES6


  HTML Basics
  Working with Links
  Image Handling
  HTML Forms for User Input
  New Form Elements


  Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets 3.0
  Working with Text and Fonts
  CSS Selectors
  Colors and Borders


  Introduction to Bootstrap
  Bootstrap Basics

Complete JavaScript Essentials ES6 & Typescript

Prerequisite: HTML5, CSS3

  JavaScript Fundamentals
  Objects: The Basics
  Data Types
  Advanced working with functions
  Error Handling
  Promises, Async/Await
  Generators, Advanced Iteration

AJAX, JSON and JQuery

  Introduction to jQuery
  Introduction to JSON
  Introduction to AJAX

Job Opportunities for Web Development Course Students:

1. Front-End Developer:
Create engaging user interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and front-end frameworks.

2. Back-End Developer:
Develop server-side logic and database management skills with PHP, MySQL, and ASP.NET.

3. Full Stack Developer:
Master both front-end and back-end technologies for end-to-end web application development.

4. Web Developer:
Design, build, and maintain websites using a combination of technologies learned in the course.

5. JavaScript Developer:
Specialize in client-side scripting with a focus on JavaScript and popular frameworks like jQuery.

6. PHP Developer:
Leverage PHP for server-side scripting and dynamic web page creation.

7. ASP.NET Developer:
Build robust and scalable web applications using the ASP.NET framework.

8. Database Administrator:
Manage and optimize databases with skills acquired in MySQL and database management.

9. AJAX Developer:
Enhance user experience with asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) for dynamic web pages.

10. jQuery Developer:
Specialize in simplifying client-side scripting with the powerful jQuery library.

11. Web Development Instructor/Trainer:
Share your expertise by teaching the next generation of web developers.

12. Freelance Web Developer:
Work independently on projects for clients, offering flexibility and creative autonomy.

13. Entrepreneur/Startup Founder:
Use acquired skills to launch your own web-based startup or tech venture.

14. IT Consultant:
Provide expert advice on technology solutions, helping businesses optimize their online platforms.

Invest in your future with our Web Development Course and pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career in the ever-evolving field of web development!

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