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Elevate your career with CTTI's ISO 9001:2015 certified framework courses in Mangalore, Karnataka, where experienced faculty guide you through Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, Spring Framework, and Django Framework, offering placement assistance, resume building expertise, interview preparation, self-assessment tools, a versatile skill set, industry-recognized certification, hands-on learning, and a pathway to career advancement in web and application development.

Angular JS 7

  Introduction to Angular Framework
  Essentials of Angular
  Templates, Styles & Directives
  Pipes, Services & Dependency Injection
  Template-Driven and Reactive Forms
  Components Deep Dive / Routing
  Http Requests / Observables
Creating Projects and Deploying Angular App to the Web

React JS

  React Introduction
  React Essential Features and Syntax
  React Components, Props and State
  Styling Components
  Google Material UI
  Debugging React Apps
  React Component life cycle
  React Component in Details
  HTTP Requests/Ajax Calls
  React Routing
  React Forms and Form Validation

Spring Framework - Duration- 1.5 Months

Prerequisite: Programming in Java - Spring Core
  Spring Core Introduction / Overview
  Spring Container
  Dependency Injection
  Metadata / Configuration
  Spring MVC
  Advanced Techniques
  Spring Controllers
  RESTful Web Services

Spring Boot

  SPRING BOOT Introduction
  Using Spring Boot
  Spring Boot Essentials

Spring Data JPA

Spring Data REST

Relevance of the Course: Other Frameworks (Hibernate, Struts), Android Development

Django: A Web framework - Duration - 20 Days

Prerequiste: Programming in Python
  Working with Templates
  Django Admin Interface
  Django Forms
  The Authentication Module
Building a website using Django.
Relevance of the Course: Advance Python.

Laravel Framework

  Laravel Fundamentals
  Working with Database
  Working with Forms
  Laravel Session
  Laravel Sending Email/API
  Git and Github Version Control
  Laravel Data Seeding
  Basic Artisan Commands
  User Authorization & Authentication
Working on Capstone Projects

Mastering popular frameworks in the IT industry opens up diverse and lucrative job opportunities, including roles such as:

Full-Stack Developer: Leveraging a comprehensive skill set to work on both frontend and backend development.

Frontend Developer: Specializing in creating interactive and visually appealing user interfaces using frameworks like Angular or React.

Backend Developer: Focusing on server-side logic and database management with frameworks such as Node.js or Spring Framework.

Web Developer: Crafting dynamic and responsive websites using various frontend and backend frameworks.

Mobile App Developer: Building cross-platform or native mobile applications with frameworks like React Native or Angular.

Software Engineer: Developing robust and scalable software solutions using a variety of frameworks.

DevOps Engineer: Implementing and managing continuous integration and deployment pipelines with frameworks like Jenkins.

Systems Architect: Designing and implementing complex IT systems with a deep understanding of frameworks.

Data Engineer: Managing and optimizing data infrastructure using frameworks such as Apache Spark or Django for data-driven applications.

Cloud Solutions Architect: Designing and implementing scalable and secure cloud-based solutions using frameworks like Spring Cloud or Django for cloud-native applications.

Proficiency in frameworks enhances your marketability and allows you to explore various specialized roles within the dynamic and evolving IT industry.